30 by 30

I am a firm believer in creating lists when it comes to goal-setting. Below are 30 things (mainly travel-related) I’d like to do or achieve by 30. Some are ambitious, but I think it’s always good to aim high. 😉

1) Visit Europe again.
2) Try cooking a new international dish.
3) Go sky-diving.
4) Swim with dolphins.
5) Visit Africa – Tanzania and/or South Africa would be amazing.
6) Improve my Spanish language skills and be able to say I’m “fluent”.
7) Launch a business.
8) Visit New York – maybe for New Year’s?
9) Give up alcohol for 6 months.
10) Go crabbing in the Pacific Northwest.
11) Attend at least one major music festival.
12) Go skiing in the Pacific Northwest.
13) Write a children’s book.
14) Visit at least one state in the South.
15) Be in two states (or countries) at the same time.
16) Take a few hikes.
17) Join a tennis league.
17) Visit Miami.
18) Join a board.
19) Go wine tasting in Walla Walla.
20) Rent a boat.
21) Meditate regularly.
22) Attend a major sporting event live (saw Barca in 2011 and it was amazing).
23) Watch the sunrise in a foreign country.
24) Participate in a silent retreat.
25) Volunteer in a foreign country.
26) Pick up ballroom dancing.
27) Learn the rules of Poker.
28) Go on an all-girls trip.
29) Make my number of countries visited 30! (Only 3 more to go).
30) Create a passion board – to help keep me accountable for this list!

What are your goals for the future? Any suggestions? Leave a comment!

Photo by Content Pixie on Pexels.com

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