Hello, it’s been awhile

It’s crazy to think that my last post on this blog was written on January 28th, 2015. That was over five years ago! To say a lot has happened since then (both personally and on a global level) is an understatement.

The list is exhaustive so I will cover a few major personal life changes – I found love again, made a career change, settled into a family home, and most recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and re-married (and yes, in that order!). Most recently, I’ve transitioned back into the workforce as a new mama in the midst of a pandemic and a civil rights movement. Hoping to find some balance!

I’ve decided to start blogging again to share my thoughts as a new mama & wife, a career woman, and a well-informed global citizen. I’m not a fan of “sugar-coating” and plan on sharing real and raw stories along with the silver linings along the way. These are some tough times we are living in, so I hope you find comfort in my realness and feel free to leave me a note!

In realness,

Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

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